What Is SAP Cloud Platform & SAP Cloud Foundry vs Neo


SAP Cloud Platform is a cloud service offered by the SAP.
It is an enterprise platform-as-a-service (enterprise PaaS) which allows developers to develop new application or to extend and integrate existing business applications.
In short, using SAP cloud Platform,

  • Customer has a privilege to develop an application quickly and economically without worrying about infrastructure cost.
  • SAP is responsible for managing the infrastructure hardware, servers,patching/maintenance,upgrades and system lifecycle.
  • Cloud customers can use the cloud environment for application development,and to build, extend, and integrate business applications

There are two different scenarios within the SAP Cloud Platform:

  1. SAP Cloud Platform Foundry Environment
  2. SAP Cloud Platform Neo Environment

SAP Cloud Platform Foundry Environment

  • SAP Cloud Platform Foundry Environment is a Open source application platform.
  • It supports multiple languages i.e. application developers can use programming languages like HANA XSA, JAVA, Node JS or even ‘Bring your own language Option‘.
  • Supports multiple data canters like AWS,Azure and GCP.
  • Beneficial for micro-services-based applications, for Internet of Things and machine learning scenarios.

SAP Cloud Platform Neo Environment

  • SAP Cloud Platform Neo Environment is a SAP propriety and closely designed by SAP.
  • It supports ONLY Java, html5 and HANA XS.
  • There is NO option ‘ ‘Bring your own language‘.
  • It supports ONLY SAP data centers.
  • As Neo environment is a feature rich and easy to use, we can use it to develop complex java Applications and in complex application integration scenarios.


To administrate the SAP Cloud Platform environment, SAP has provided option of SAP Cloud Platform Central Cockpit.

Typically, it looks like screen as shown below:

SAP Cloud Platform Central Cockpit

Migrating Business Applications from Neo Environment to Cloud Foundry

We can find the detailed documentation here
if we decide to migrate applications from Neo Environment to Cloud Foundry environment considering the advantages like:

  • Regional Coverage and High Availability: In Cloud foundry , we have a option to choose between multiple laaS providers like AWS,GCP,Azure.
  • Open Source
  • Multiple application programming language along with ‘Bring your own language’ option.