In the SAP system we are receiving multiple short dumps for SPOOL_INTERNAL_ERROR

How to Analyze this short dump

Goto ST22 and in error analysis we could see, Spool overflow issue which relates to SPO_NUM

Check the results of report RSPO_SHOW_SPO_NUM

Here we could see the current “Number of Spool Requests in System” reaches the “To Number”, we get SPOOL_INTERNAL_ERROR short dumps.
In our case “Number of Spool Requests in System” reached 999999 and dumps started ocuuring.


Immediate Action-Delete Old Spool Requests

Check the standard SAP housekeeping job- SAP_REORG_SPOOL which cleans the old spool requests.
In our case it was not running.
We could schedule this spool cleanup job by either:
1) via SM36
2) Execute one time report RSPO1041

Alternative option:

Through SPAD –> click on Full Adminisration,
under Admin Tab, click on  “Delete Old Spool Requests” button.

Choose number of days and

Run the report RSPO1043 to check the consistency of Spool requests once this is executed.

Increase The Number Range

Increase the number range object SPO_NUM to a maximum of 999,999.
We could archive this by logging to 000 client, tcode SNRO

Click on Interval Editing–>

put the correct number range.