During setting up technical monitoring in Solution manager, we get the error as
Error message: BI Setup check MYSELF_DEST failed.


The error is caused since the BI client for solution manager is set to 100 whereas configuration client is 001.


We will discuss step by step process we followed to correct this error.

Goto t-code: SOLMAN_SETUP–> BASIC Configuration
and perform BW configuration again with the correct configuration client i.e. 001.

Error will not be gone, as this step is not enough 🙁

We need to goto SE37 and then execute FM RS_MANDT_UNIQUE_SET and insert new BW client.

Execute This FM with correct BI client

Now check the RSADMINA table in SE16:

Now check again:

Post this as per the note 886102 perform BW specific adaptation.

NOTE: We performed above steps on solution manager 7.1. As a best practice always refer the latest version of SNOTE on SAP marketplace since SAP update the SNOTES periodically.