SAP HANA Upgrade


In this article, we will discuss how to perform SAP HANA upgrade step by step.

Media Files

We need to download installation media files which can be performed by

  • Using Download Components option in HANA cockpit OR
  • Downloading manually as below:

Login with S-user ID on –> Software downloads
Now ,
 Installation and Upgrades->By Alphabetical Index (A to Z )–>H–>SAP HANA Platform Edition–>SAP HANA Platform Edition 2.0–>Installation–><Select the file depends on your platform>

SAP HANA upgrade media download

Tools Required for SAP HANA upgrade:

SAP HANA database lifecycle management tool (HDBLCM) can be used to update HANA system components like the HANA database and the HANA client software.

We can perform upgrade using:

  • Resident hdblcm (command line)
  • hdblcmgui (X Window),
  • hdblcmweb (browser)


  1. Before updating, please check if there are no read or write processes are running on the HANA database since during update, database will be restarted.
  2. Perform update outside business hours.
  3. Backup HANA DB and server.


Time for upgrade = (Time for database shutdown) + (Time for database start) + 20 minutes.

We can start SAP HANA Lifecycle Management Tool using web as shown below:


We will perform HANA upgrade via Resident hdblcm (command line) option.

  • Copy Media to the Server and extract under temporary location, extract it using SAPCAR
SAP HANA upgrade extraction
  • Start HDBLCM using command line script:  ./hdblcm. (resident HDBLCM)
SAP HANA upgrade hdblcm script
  • Select option-1 and then enter credentials for SIDADM & SYSTEM:
  • Review each section and confirm “Y” to proceed:
SAP HANA upgrade summary
SAP HANA upgrade process

Voila !!!!!!!!!!!!!! The upgrade has finished 🙂