SAP Client Concept

As a Concept,SAP client is a logical partition in the database itself which has independent business units.
Each client contains its own data & users of particular client won’t be able to see data of another client.
(except the client independent objects or the cross client data). We will discuss in another post about the type of Data terminology in the SAP

Multiple clients can be created within the number range of 000-999.

By Default, SAP comes with 3 standard clients:

  • 000: Master/Golden client
  • 001: copy of 001 client
  • 066: Early watch alert client
  • 800: Default IDES client

000 client: This is a pre-built reference/template client we can see once SAP system is installed also called as the master/Golden client.
It contains all standard configuration data, t-codes, roles.
This client cannot be used as the production client.

001 Client: This client is called as the configuration client & is a copy of 000 client.
most customers prefer this client to create their production client.

066 Client: This is an EarlyWatch client for monitoring the SAP system performance.
066 is used by SAP in case an EarlyWatch service is to be delivered & SAP Solution Manager system is unavailable.

800 client: This is a IDES client used for training customers.

How to view client in SAP:

T-code: SCC4

Fig: SAP clients