Login To Sybase ASE Database Using The iSQL

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Today we’ll learn how to login to Sybase ASE (adaptive server enterprise) database using the iSQL Utility. There are multiple default users in Sybase.

SA= It is a super user for the Sybase database.
SAPSA, SAPSSO and SAPSR3DB= These are the default users created by SAP application.

For demonstration purpose, we will use users SA and SAPSA to login.

Login to Unix/Linux/windows system with <SID>ADM user

SA user: Use below syntax for isql command:

isql -Usa -S[SID] -X (Press enter key)
Password: (Enter password for SA user)

SAPSA user: Use below syntax:

isql -Usapsa -S[SID] -X (Press enter key)
Password: (Enter password for SAPSA user)

Follow the exact steps to Login To Sybase ASE using iSQL utility.