How To Set a New Password For SA Account In SAP ASE


Many times, we forget the password of SA account or won’t be able to connect to SAP ASE (Adaptive Server Enterprise) server by using the SA account.

In such cases we need to reset the password for SA account.

  • Login using SIDADM and shut down the Sybase database. (Kill ASE)
  • Edit $SYBASE/$SYBASE_ASE/install/RUN_<servername> file

In our case, goto below path:


Now add below item to the file RUN_<servername> and save.


  • Now start the Sybase server, here we will receive new password printed into the terminal screen.

00:00000:00001:2019/02/12 21:13:52.40 server  Database ‘sybsystemprocs’ is now online.
New SSO password for DEV:oefhmsgwksfsl1   —- ‘oefhmsgwksfsl1‘ is the new password of SA account.

NOTE: Do not close this session as the password will be invalid after that.

  • Open the new session & use this password to connect to the ASE server with iSQL and execute system procedure ‘sp_password

sp_password ‘oefhmsgwksfsl1‘,’new password‘ ,sa

here <new password >= password we intent to keep for user SA

  • remove the -psa entry from the RUN_SID file. Save your changes again.