How to Import ESR Content In SAP PO

This article explains how to import ESR content in SAP Process Orchestration (PO) system.

What is SAP ESR Contents?

SAP delivers the standard SAP content which is to be installed into SAP Process Orchestration (PO) Enterprise Services Repository (ESR).
These ESR contents are for different cross applications integration such as with Elster,Nfe, SAP Concur etc. which contains standard set of mappings, message types.

If we are using SAP Electronic Invoicing for Brazil (SAP Nota Fiscal, SAP NFE) which is a mandatory for Brazilian companies for electronic invoicing.
Then we need to import standard predefined interface objects/contents of component SAP SLL-NFE.

We will see how to download these standard ESR contents and import them in ESR.

Download :

Login to
Go to Support Packages and Patches:

By Alphabetical Index (A-Z) -> E ->ESR CONTENT (XI CONTENT) 

-> XI CONTENT <select the required PI content>, in our case we need to download ESR content for Nota fiscal i.e. NFE component.

XI CONTENT <select the required release>

#Database independent  

Import ESR Content in SAP PO Download

Unpack contents:

Refer KBA 1637955 to unpack the contents in *tpz format from the zip archive.

Import ESR Content in SAP PO unpack

Login to PO URL.Mkae sure logged in user have SAP_XI_ADMINISTRATOR or SAP_XI_CONTENT_ORGANIZER roles access.

Importing ESR Content in SAP PO:

For PO system there is no t-code SXMB_IFR like we had in PI systems.
Instead use below URL:

FQDN: Fully qualified host name of PO server for e.g
Port: https port defined.

Import ESR Content in SAP PO

Go to Tools -> Import Design Objects:

Import ESR Content in SAP PO ESR
Import ESR Content in SAP PO ESR importing

Import will take some time:

Components imported but conflict occurred which must be manually resolved.
In our case we found conflict while importing below contents in Process Orchestration (PO) system.

Import ESR Content in SAP PO ESR imort design objects

Refer 2644041 – The namespace and associated objects are missing after SAP pre-delivered content is imported into ESR.

As per this note, we need to delete and re-import content again.

Import ESR Content in SAP PO ESR reimport
Import ESR Content in SAP PO ESR successful import

This pop-up confirms that import has been successful.
Hope you find this article helpful 🙂

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