How to delete SAP developer key from DEVACCESS table

Let us discuss how can we delete delete SAP developer key from DEVACCESS table in detail:

What is a developer key?

The developer key is a combination of your installation number, license key and the SAP username, which is used to make manual changes to SAP source codes and SAP Dictionary objects.
We can register a developer on SAPOne Launchpad:

delete SAP developer key

Fig: 1 how to register developer on support portal

When and why do we need to delete SAP developer key?

Whenever ABAP developer leaves the organization, the key remains in the system which could be possible security threat if misused.

We can delete key in the SAP launchpad but unfortunately, SAP does not deliver a standard program to delete an unused ABAP key in the system.

Possible solution:

In such cases, we can either

  • Remove development authorization in development workbench for that particular user as shown below
delete SAP developer key_restrict Authorization
Fig:2 Restrict development authorization for user
  • Create a custom code:

The DEVACCESS and ADIRACCESS tables are local ‘buffer’ tables designed to save the developer from entering his developer or object key every time he needs to work. 

Even if SAP doesn’t take any responsibility, customer can create their own report to remove the unwanted table entries from DEVACCESS (developer keys) and ADIRACCESS (object keys).

for e.g: