How To Check The Patch Level of SAP PO ESR Content

If we wish to check the patch level of standard ESR contents delivered by SAP use below method:

Login to SAP PO system:

For SAP PO system there is no t-code SXMB_IFR like we had in PI systems.
Instead use below URL:

FQDN: Fully qualified host name of PO server for e.g
Port: https port defined. PO ESR Content Patch level

Click on Enterprise Services Builder, it will open the Java application:

Under the design objects, click on the desired software component
Go to details tab -> and check the available support package.

Let us check the SFTP ADAPTOR component:

Here we can see the patch level =5 for SFTP ADAPTOR component.
We can identify the patch level in ESR for all other components in the similar way.

To know what is ESR and how to import standard SAP contents in SAP PO, please refer my previous blog: