How To Check If BDLS In SAP Was Successfully Executed

What is BDLS in SAP

BDLS is a tool used by SAP for Logical System Name conversion after System Refresh activity.

Why It Is Mandatory To Run BDLS In SAP After System Copy?

Logical system name conversion is a mandatory step after SAP quality system copy.
when we perform the system copy from production SAP system to quality SAP system, quality system will have the production system entries which needs to be changed.

How Does It Work:

When we run the transaction code BDLS in quality system program RBDLS2LS runs in the background.
This program will check for all the references to fields of data type “LOGSYS” and “EDI_PARNUM” and changes these values to the new logical system name (from the old one).
System will always convert the whole column or nothing.

How to Check If BDLS Is Successful


In T-code: SLG1: select object CALE.

Here we will get list of logs, if in error we will get the relevant entry.


Check the RSBASIDOC table and check if the entries have been converted.(compare it with the pre-restore screenshots of table RSBASIDOC) .

We can check the same in quality SAP system as below:
Use transaction code ->SE16 ,
Enter the table name as RSBASIDOC -> Execute (F8).


Go to Quality SAP system –> and execute transaction WE20 to check partner profile.
Go to partner profile type LS.
Here after system copy, we will find the entries with production system.
After System refresh all the Production Partner Logical system entries need to be converted with respect to quality system’s logical name.(compare with pre-refresh screenshots)

WE20 SAP partner profiles


Now go to transaction code BD64 and check if all the production logical systems are converted as intended.

If any of the above check has failed check if the BDLS was executed properly and rerun that conversion again via BDLS.