How To Activate BW InfoCubes When Extractors Fail In The Extractor Framework (Solman Technical Monitoring)

In this article we will discuss the Extractor framework error we might receive while performing SOLMAN Technical monitoring setup .


In solution manager , while performing Technical monitoring setup, we get error as
‘BI infocube not active’ as shown below:

Fig:1 Solman BI infocube not active

Cause :

This issue is caused specifically when BI infocubes are not active , probably due to incorrect initial setup of Solution manager system.


We will discuss in detail the step by step checks we performed to solve this issue.

  1. Execute Transaction RSA1 in Solution Manager 001 client (BI client)
  2. Select BI Content
  3. Select InfoProvider by Info Area
Fig:2 InfoProviders by InfoAreas

Search missing Term, which we received from solman techmon error screen, i.e in our case DEV_PED.

Fig:3 search term

By Selecting Collected Objects Window on/off, Turn on the Collected Objects window.

  • Find the InfoCubes that need to be activated.
  • Select all of them and Drag and drop them to the Collected Objects window:

Drag and drop to new window:

Notice that there the column for active versions is empty. This is because these infocubes were never installed. Once installed they will be activated. But they must be installed first.

  • Select all of the Infocubes
  • Select Install
  • In the drop down select Install in Background

It will prompt if we need to overwrite the objects we selected.

When run in background, it will generate a background job.
Verify if the jobs are active

  • Right Click on the InfoCube
  • Select Start Object Maintenance

Now again perform Technical monitoring setup for system monitoring.

Job will run successfully and the extractor framework BI error will vanish.