HANA Paramter csv_import_path_filter

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Error Details:

While importing csv file to HANA database, we receive below error :

SAP DBTech JDBC: [2]: general error: Cannot load table from the specified path - /FolderX. Please check configuration: csv_import_path_filter.

The FolderX should be defined in the list of path filters for HANA instance. This error can be rectified by disabling the csv_import_path_filter.

ALTER SYSTEM ALTER CONFIGURATION ('indexserver.ini', 'system') set ('import_export', 'enable_csv_import_path_filter') = 'false' with reconfigure;

Alternatively this parameter can also be changed via SAP HANA Studio as below:


This workaround however is however applicable for SAP HANA releases SPS 08 database revision 85 and above.

This feature was not available for previous versions below SPS08 rev 85
We can restrict the local/shared file accesses using the above parameter in indexserver.ini.

SAP Note: 2109565 explains how an user or attacker could discover information from files on the HANA server, when using IMPORT FROM statement in SAP HANA.
CVSS Base Score:  3.5 / 10

Parameter details csv_import_path_filter:

Restart DB requiredNo
DesribptionAllowed paths to load CSV files for IMPORT_FROM
parameter details